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Each year Brentknoll Veterinary Centre staff choose their 'favourite' pet to reward  with a toy at Christmas

It's not an easy job as we see so many wonderful pets throughout the year, we try to choose someone who has been very brave during their treatment, made a dramatic recovery or just been fantastic at cuddles and kisses.

Giving them a toy is our way of saying thank you and gives us the opportunity to reflect back on all the animals we've looked after and treated during the year.

Here are some of this years pets receiving their toy;

Zorro Ranson-Sasaki with his Xmas toyZorro Ranson-Sasaki with his Xmas toy from Carl Thompson

Tanja from Client Care with Astrid the catTanja from Client Care with Astrid the cat

Sarah the vet giving Meg Barnett her toySarah the vet giving Meg Barnett her toy

Sarah Davies with jockSarah Davies from the nursing team with Jock the Scottie Dog

Janet Palmer giving Amy her toyJanet Palmer giving Amy Rose her Christmas toy







Hayley Oates giving Ben Haddon his Xmas ToyHayley Oates giving Ben Haddon his Xmas Toy

If your pet hasn't been chosen this year, don't worry it doesn't mean we don't love them lots too, we simply don't have enough toys to be able to give one to all you lovely pets!

Wishing all of our clients a Merry Christmas from all of us at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre x

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