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Brentknoll Veterinary Centre, part of Linnaeus Veterinary Limited, offers a range of high-quality veterinary services for small animals via practice situated in Worcester, Worcestershire

At Brentknoll, our team works hard to provide friendly, knowledgeable support to pet owners, while maintaining the very highest levels of patient care and client service.

We acknowledge that our operations have an effect on the environment and have identified key areas that contribute our environmental and carbon footprint:

  • consumption of electricity, gas, water and other fuels
  • use of anaesthetic gases
  • waste generation
  • transport emissions
  • use of raw materials, including materials and medications
  • procured goods and services with their own environmental impact

Brentknoll are committed to reducing their environmental impact through a journey of continual improvement by working through the Investors in the Environment accreditation scheme.

Our environmental commitment can be demonstrated in our established objectives and goals below:

  • compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and public/customer expectations
  • monitoring our key resource usage and implementing conservation techniques to achieve our environmental targets
  • implement a waste/recycling policy and sustainable procurement policy
  • minimising unsustainable transport use
  • take part in One Health sustainability project with our Associates
  • working with suppliers to ensure they acknowledge and decrease the environmental impact of their products and transportation
  • publishing and distribution of an annual organisational sustainability report

We will continue to improve our environmental management system by working to the Investors in the Environment (iiE) criteria, considering any changes in legislation, our organisation, and other factors. We will convey this policy to all our employees ensuring that they are provided with training to increase awareness of environmental matters.

Helen Peake is our Sustainability Lead and has designated responsibility for the day- to-day implementation of this policy.

Brentknoll will make this policy available when requested to interested parties including members of the public, including making a copy available on the group website.

Name:  Helen Peake  

Position: Investors in the Environment Lead for Brentknoll Veterinary Centre

Date: 20/02/2023

Download Environmental Policy here (PDF).

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