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Protection from bills out of the blue for your pet

Your pet can need expensive health treatments without warning, from accidents and injuries to illness and disease. By far, the easiest way to manage this is to take out pet insurance.

These are some of the benefits of pet insurance:

  • Peace of mind – no worries about unexpected bills
  • Expensive surgery and drugs covered.
  • Know you can afford the very best treatment for your pet.

What to look for when taking out pet insurance

Not all pet insurance companies are the same and not all policies are the same – so make sure you choose your pet insurance wisely.

As well as the costs, we recommend you look at:

  • Reputation and specialisations of the insurance company
  • The extent of cover – e.g. any maximum amounts per condition
  • Excesses that apply
  • Exclusions and conditions – e.g. time limits for making claims
  • Whether ongoing cover will be available into your pet's old age.

There are different types of policy available:

  • Lifetime policies will cover treatment for conditions for the rest of your pet's life, as long as you renew the policy each year. This is ideal for ongoing conditions, e.g. diabetes.
  • Time limited policies will cover your pet for 12 months of treatment, but after that, the condition will be excluded. These are good for accidents.

Remember that you will always have to tell the insurance company about any existing conditions your pet already has – and the cover is unlikely to be available for pre-existing conditions. This is a very good reason to take out cover now while your pet is fit and well.

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