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“Keyhole” or laparoscopy has been successfully used for many years in human surgery as it has many advantages when compared to traditional open surgery.

At Brentknoll Veterinary Centre, we are proud to announce that we are now able to offer Laparoscopic neutering (this service is available to female dogs only.)

We are one of the only Vet Practices offering this advanced technique in pets from 3.5kg

What are the benefits of Laparoscopic surgery?

  • Minimally invasive method of surgey
  • A dramatic reduction in pain post surgery so normal activity can resume more quickly.
  • Smaller incisions so less complications and bruising.
  • Faster recovery times.
  • Back to normal exercise within 5 days!

Keyhole surgery improves how well and how much the surgeon can see during the procedure so the risk of any surgical complications is significantly reduced.

When compared to traditional open surgery which requires a long incision along the stomach, keyhole surgery requires only 2 or 3 small ports, these small 1 or 2 cm wounds reduce the worry that your pet will lick it’s wounds, decrease the chance of infection, and reduce the length of time for strict rest after surgery.

If you have a pet that requires Laparoscopic spays at Brentknoll Vets, Worcester please call us on 01905 355938.

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