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Complete rehabilitation for pets at Brentknoll Vets

Here at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester our knowledge, expertise and equipment ensure the best possible chance of a return to optimal health and function.

What is Rehabilitation?

A combination of methods that are focused on restoring the patient’s normal life. Whether physical or psychological, rehabilitation from disease, injury or disorder is important to improve a pet’s medical and mental health through different techniques, medication and support.

When pet’s are injured, they often lose mobility and strength in the affected area due to pain and lack of movement. The longer a pet’s mobility is decreased the more difficult it becomes to restore normal activity.

Without rehabilitation exercises, they are at greater risk of reoccurring pain and restricted mobility from their injuries. These flare-ups then cause added stress to the affected area and weaken it further; causing a cycle of reoccurring flare-ups.

During rehab treatment, pet owners will be given exercises tailored to the pet’s individual needs. Our rehabilitation team will recommend the most effective treatment plan, working closely with the referring veterinarian. The combination of these exercises increases the pet’s chance of full recovery and shortens their recovery time.

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How can rehab help the referral patient?

  • Restore mobility or lameness e.g arthritis, cruciate disease or fractures
  • Increase muscle strength e.g hip dysplasia, loss of use of limb for short time
  • Increase flexibility, reducing scar tissue and muscle contracture
  • Manage pain, acute after RTA, fracture or chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • Improve balance and coordination problems
  • Increase fitness post medical problems in preparation for working, agility, flyball dog’s
  • Weight management for pets struggling to maintain optimum bodyweight
  • Maintenance therapy to assist continued mobility, strength and fitness.
  • Rehab helps to improve muscle strength, joint range of movement, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

What happens during a rehabilitation referral?

  • An initial consultation and assessment with our Hydrotherapist and Animal Manipulator
  • We obtain previous veterinary history
  • Our team analyses the patients posture and gait
  • We develop a treatment plan using recommendations from the referring vet
  • We’ll work with owners and their ability to provide at home care and gentle exercises

What Techniques / Equipment do we use?


  • Pool One – An indoor pool heated to 27-30 C with jets for resistance or massage
  • Ramp access, life jacket/buoyancy aid
  • A fully qualified Hydrotherapist with who is also a qualified Vet Nurse will assists the patient in the pool
  • Pool Two – Our large, unheated outdoor pool is perfect for maintenance and fun swims, it’s very popular during the Summer months
  • The latest Go-Pro Underwater Video Camera and Digital SLR Cameras for accurate recording

McTimoney Manipulation:

  • Low level laser therapy
  • Cryo and heat therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise equipment
  • Wobble balls, peanut balls, gym balls, cavaletti rails, cones

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  • icon referral chiropractic
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