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Our internal medicine referral team consists of highly trained professionals who focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical diseases that affect the internal organs and internal body systems of animals.  

We work with complex cases on a frequent basis, many of which require our diagnostic referral team and equipment. These typically include advanced diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, non-invasive biopsy, CT, echocardiograms & HD video endoscopy – All available onsite.  

We are a close-knit, highly collaborative team & this ensures patients receive the best care all under one roof.  

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Here are some of the benefits of choosing our Internal Medicine Referral service: 

  1. Diagnosis: 
    • Conduct thorough physical examinations to assess the overall health of the patient. 
    • Use advanced diagnostic tools such as blood tests, imaging (X-rays, ultrasound, CT, echocardiograms), and HD video-endoscopy to evaluate the internal organs and identify abnormalities. 
    • Interpret laboratory results and diagnostic images to formulate a diagnosis. 
  1. Chronic Disease Management:
    • Manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, anaemias, endocrinopathies, and autoimmune disorders. 
    • Support monitoring patients over time, adjusting treatment plans as needed to optimise the patient's quality of life. 
  1. Gastrointestinal Disorders:
    • Diagnose and treat conditions affecting the gastrointestinal system, including inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, liver disease and cancers. 
    • Perform endoscopic procedures with our state-of-the-art HD video endoscopy unit to visualise and obtain samples from the gastrointestinal tract to provide a non-invasive diagnosis.  
  1. Respiratory Conditions:
    • Address respiratory disorders such as asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. 
    • Interpret respiratory imaging and conduct specialised tests to diagnose lung disease with the use of bronchoscopy. 
  1. Endocrine Disorders:
    • Manage hormonal imbalances and endocrine disorders such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Conns and Addison's disease. 
    • Adjust medication dosages and monitor hormonal levels regularly. 
  1. Infectious Diseases:
    • Diagnose and treat infectious diseases, including bacterial, viral, protozoal and fungal infections. 
    • Develop strategies for infection control and prevention. 
  1. Immunology:
    • Address disorders related to the immune system, including autoimmune diseases and immune-mediated conditions. 
  1. Treatment Planning:
    • Develop comprehensive and individualised treatment plans based on the diagnosed condition. 
    • Prescribe medications, therapies, and dietary recommendations to manage and treat diseases. 
  1. Collaboration and Communication:
    • Provide referral reports with logical and clear explanations of diagnoses, treatment options, and expected outcomes.  
    • Collaborate with internal & external referral teams and our primary care practitioners for a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. 

Onsite facilities include:

  • HD video Flexible Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Ridged rhinoscopy & arthroscopy 
  • Advance Ultrasound Machine (MylabX7VET) with touch-screen display 
  • Phillips IE 33 Colour Doppler ultrasound 1-12MHz probes. NHS standard  
  • 6-channel portable ECG  
  • Holter Monitors for 24-48 hour ECG Monitoring 
  • Doppler and oscillometric blood pressure monitoring 
  • CT Toshiba 64 slice with onsite Diagnostic imager 
  • Laparoscopy (keyhole) surgery kit 
  • Rehabilitation Centre with onsite chiropractic, hydrotherapy, underwater incline Treadmill & Class VI laser unit  
  • Regenerative medicine. We have the only veterinary-approved Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) System, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). 
  • Separate cat, dog & exotic hospitalisation wards for overnight care of weekday patients 

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What to expect from a Referral:  

After receiving a referral request from the referring vet (either by email, fax or phone), our referral nurse will ensure we have the relevant history, referral letter and client information. We will then contact the client directly to arrange a suitable appointment time. 

Referrals begin with a 30-minute appointment to fully examine the patient and discuss treatment plans thoroughly with the pet owner. A detailed Referral report, including findings, results and treatment recommendations, will be sent via email to your Primary Care Provider. The report is then discussed with you via your Primary Care Provider.  

If follow-up procedures are required with ourselves, we will advise your Primary Care Provider of this within your pet's reports. If you would like a copy of the report, this can be requested from us or your primary care provider. 

Referral Online

To arrange a referral at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre, please complete our online referral form below or call us at 01905 355938. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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