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We offer a range of referral services in Ophthalmic surgery for cats & dogs. 

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Here is a list of the current services we offer from our ophthalmology surgical team: 

  1. Diagnostic Procedures: 
    • Utilise advanced diagnostic tools such as tonometry (measuring intraocular pressure), ocular ultrasound, and electroretinography to diagnose eye conditions. 
    • Perform fluorescein staining to assess the integrity of the cornea. 
  1. Treatment of Ocular Diseases:
    • Diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions, including conjunctivitis, keratitis, uveitis, and glaucoma. 
    • Prescribe medications such as eye drops, ointments, and oral medications to manage and treat ocular diseases medically. 
  1. Eyelid Surgery:
    • Address eyelid abnormalities, such as entropion (inward rolling) or ectropion (outward rolling). 
    • Perform surgical procedures to correct eyelid defects and perform reconstructive surgery in cases that require masses or tumours to be removed from the eyelid (s). 
  1. Third eyelid surgery:
    • Surgical correction of third eyelid prolapses, also known as ‘Cherry eye’. Our surgical techniques preserve the function of a prolapsed gland to ensure your pet can maintain normal, healthy tear production. This prevents a condition called ‘dry eye’ from developing in the future, which would require lifelong tear supplementation.  
    • Perform reconstructive surgery on trauma or masses that develop in the third eyelid or conjunctiva.  
  1. Corneal Surgery:
    • Manage conditions affecting the cornea, including ulcers, perforations, and dystrophies. 
    • Perform surgical procedures such as corneal conjunctival transposition. 
    • Collaborate with other specialists where external referral may needed for complex cases requiring conjunctival grafting. 
  1. Retinal Diseases:
    • Diagnose and manage retinal disorders, including degeneration, detachment, and inflammation. 
    • Collaborate with other specialists where external referral may need to be made for complex cases involving both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. 
  1. Emergency Eye Care:
    • Provide emergency care for ocular trauma, foreign bodies, and sudden-onset eye conditions. 
    • Work with urgency to prevent further damage to the eye and preserve vision. 
  1. Collaboration and Communication:
    • Provide referral reports with logical and clear explanations of diagnoses, treatment options, and expected outcomes.  
    • Collaborate with internal & external referral teams and our primary care practitioners for a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. 

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Onsite facilities include: 

  • HD Laparoscopic video & kit suitable to perform spays from 3.5kg   
  • HD video Flexible Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Ridged rhinoscopy & arthroscopy 
  • Advance Ultrasound Machine (MylabX7VET) with touch-screen display 
  • Phillips IE 33 Colour Doppler ultrasound 1-12MHz probes. NHS standard  
  • 6-channel portable ECG  
  • Holter Monitors for 24-48 hour ECG Monitoring 
  • Doppler and oscillometric blood pressure monitoring 
  • CT Toshiba 64 slice with onsite Diagnostic imager 
  • Rehabilitation Centre with onsite chiropractic, hydrotherapy, underwater incline Treadmill & Class VI laser unit  
  • Regenerative medicine. We have the only veterinary-approved Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) System, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC)
  • Separate cat, dog & exotic hospitalisation wards for overnight care of weekday patients 

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