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McTimoney chiropractic treatment is a gentle non-invasive technique that relies on the innate intelligence of the bodies neurological system to release musculoskeletal tension. Muscle or tissue tension often reduces muscle and limb function due to the disorganisation of muscle fibres which can cause pain and reduction in use. This creates a cycle of stiffness and can affect other structures within their body and your pet’s overall behaviour and happiness.

Signs of discomfort may be:

  • Lameness
  • Stiffness in mornings or after laying down for extended periods
  • Generally slowing down or signs of ‘getting old’
  • Behavioural changes (snapping or growling)
  • Changes in coat direction or quality
  • Flinching or yelping when being touched

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By releasing these areas of tension using McTimoney treatment and other soft tissue techniques it helps to realign these muscle fibres and increase the blood flow to the tissues; improving venous return which can reduce inflammation and pain. All these factors improve the function of the muscle allowing for improved use of the associated limb or structure.

McTimoney treatment doesn’t just treat the area of pain and discomfort but is a whole-body treatment. Animal’s will often compensate so the area of pain or discomfort may not be the actual origin of the animal’s pain, therefore by accessing the whole body it can help prevent reoccurrence and ensure the root of discomfort is treated.

 As McTimoney is a gentle treatment it is readily accepted by most animals, and I offer an empathetic approach which is animal led to ensure they are relaxed and come to enjoy their treatment sessions however worried they may be initially.

Appropriate for use for:

  • Both cats and dogs
  • Arthritic and elderly dogs
  • Following musculoskeletal or neurological injury
  • Competition or performance issues
  • General maintenance checks

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