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We all know that as our pets age they sometimes need a little extra TLC at Brentknoll Vets our nurse clinics are perfect for helping our older pets

There are many changes that occur in your pet’s body as he/she gets older; many 'normal' bodily functions begin to slow down or malfunction. Often the senses begin to deteriorate including loss of sight, hearing, taste and smell.

Dogs vary greatly in how they age from breed to breed, generally small dogs live the longest, while larger breeds have shorter lifespans (a Great Dane is considered 'elderly' at six). Lifestyle factors are also responsible for how long a particular dog may live, factors such as diet, exercise and medical history.

On average, cats live longer than dogs. In fact with regular medical care, an active lifestyle and good genes, a cat can live up to twenty years or more. This means that cat owners are more likely to own an 'elderly' cat for a longer duration, which means understanding the ageing process is very important.

Owners of 'elderly' pets need to be extra vigilant in noticing changes to their pets health and behaviour, it's important to recognise tell-tale signs of illness so you can seek prompt veterinary attention. Many diseases have slowly progressive signs that are easy to put down to ‘old age’ i.e. weight loss, however it's often a sign of an underlying disease; Many diseases are in fact very treatable and allow your pet to prolong their mental and physical health.

Brentknoll's Young at Heart Clinics are designed to focus on Dogs of 8 years and over and cats from 10 years and over.

Animals age at different stages to humans so it's important to understand what they need during all stages of their lives.

The aims of our nurse clinics are;

  • To keep our older patients feeling their best and ‘Young at Heart’ so that they live happy, healthy lives.
  • To offer advice and information from a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse (RVN.)
  • To ensure regular health check ups to identify any problems early on and monitor any changes.
  • To help prolong the mental and physical health of your pet.

So What's on offer?

  • An initial 30 minute consultation with our fantastic Vet Nurse is FREE of charge and includes;
  1. A full health check from top to tail
  2. A Senior Pet Questionnaire and discussion of the findings (Download Cat Questionnaire)  (Download Dog Questionnaire)
  • Reduced costs on diagnostic monitoring including  ;
  1. Haematology (cats and dogs)
  2. Biochemistry (cats and dogs)
  3. T4 thyroid (cats only)
  4. Urinalysis (please note you will need to bring a fresh urine sample in with you on the day of your appointment, sample collection pots and non-absorbent litter can be collected from the practice. These are included in the overall cost)
  5. and Blood Pressure.
  • Dietary advice and assessment including a voucher for 10% off any Purina veterinary prescription diet.*

Our clinics are charged at only £95 for Cats and £75 for Dogs (treatment usually worth £130 - £150)

So book your pet's appointment today by calling 01905 355938.

*Voucher valid when purchased at Brentknoll Vets only, one voucher per client, valid for one bag only. All Purina Veterinary prescription diets off a full money back guarantee (guarantee offered by Nestle Purina and client must contact them directly.)

Brentknoll vets, helping Worcester pet owners keep senior pets young at Heart

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