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Having your pet microchipped is so simple and it’s the responsible thing to do.

It gives you the peace of mind that, if your pet does become lost, you will have more chance of being reunited faster. You may also avoid the possibility of your pet being rehomed or kept in a shelter.

FACT: Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point... without identification only 90% of these return home!

Microchipping Dogs

We all know that dogs love to run and explore, but unfortunately they sometimes lose their orientation or, if scared by something, may run off and get lost.

From April 2016, it will be compulsory for all dog owners in England to have their dog microchipped and ensure their dog’s details and owner contact information are registered on a reunification database. Here at Brentknoll Vets in Worcester, we recommend all dog owners microchip their dogs, it's a quick and simple procedure that can be done during a routine consultation with either the vet or vet nurse.

Microchipping Cats

Cats love the sanctuary of a warm home but while outside exploring, some may get startled and run off or may roam too far and get lost trying to get back home. While microchipping cats is not going to be compulsory for now, it really is the best method to help you become reunited should they go missing. It’s really simple, and even a kitten can be microchipped!

As cat owners will know, cat collars are designed to break apart when the cat becomes caught or entangled on something, this is great for their safety but sadly means that identifying them can be difficult; a microchip cannot fall off and holds more information than any ID collar.

Here at Brentknoll Vets in Worcester we use Tracer® Advance Slim Microchips, the UK’s No.1 choice of microchip among veterinary professionals.

Benefits of these Microchips include;

  • Each Tracer Advance Slim microchip has a unique code which is linked to Petlog – the UK’s largest reunification database with 24 hour access, which you will have lifelong registration too.
  • Each microchip is 25% smaller than previous Tracer Microchips (approximately the size of a grain of rice) meaning that the needle used to implant the chip is greatly reduced in size, therefore there is less discomfort during implantation for your pet (no more than it's annual vaccination.)
  • Registration of your pet's microchip is done online by your vet and is instant.
  • Each Microchip is made out of encapsulated Bio-Polymer which is 10x stronger than glass and unlikely to shatter.
  • Updating or changing the contact information on your pet's microchip is easy, simply contact the Petlog database on 01296 336 579 to let them know your new contact information.
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