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Brentknoll Vets in Worcester are targeting Dental Health in our 'Super Smilers' Nurse Clinics

Periodontal disease begins when bacteria in the mouth forms a substance called plaque which sticks to the surface of the teeth, this reacts to minerals in the saliva and hardens to form Tartar. Tartar above the gum line is obvious to most owners, but is not of itself the cause of disease.

The real problem develops as plaque and tartar spread below the gum line. When bacteria reaches this layer it begins to damage to the supporting tissues around the tooth, which can eventually lead to loss of the tooth. Bacteria can also stimulate the animal’s immune system, causing white blood cells to move into the space between the gums or bone and the tooth. The function of the white blood cells is to destroy bacteria, but chemicals released by the overwhelmed cells actually causes damage to the supporting tissues of the tooth. Instead of helping the problem, the animal’s own protective system actually worsens the disease.

Dental disease includes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth). It can appear differently in each animal and the severity can vary, which often means it cannot be properly evaluated or treated without general anaesthetic.

By the age of three, most dogs and cats will be showing some signs of dental disease, its a natural part of ageing but there are things you as owners can do to help maintain good oral hygiene and ensure your pet has a full set of healthy teeth.

In 2015 Brentknoll Vets launched our 'Super Smilers' clinic, ran by our team of qualified Veterinary Nurses, these regular clinics will focus on spotting dental disease, maintaining healthy teeth and maintenance at home. Our fantastic, friendly nurses will be happy to provide you with advise on all aspects of dental care from tooth brushing to specialist diets.

So What's included...?

  • An initial 30 minute appointment with one of our fantastic Vet Nurses (costing just £5.00)
  • A FREE Dental Pack including a £5.00 voucher to use on dental products
  • Regular dental check ups including tooth brushing with by a nurse FREE of Charge

** Earn your £5.00 back by using the voucher on dental products in practice.... it's effectively free! **


Super Smilers Dental Clinics, Brentknoll Vets, Worcester




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