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brentknoll vets, worcester, laparoscopic, keyhole, spayHere at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre we are proud to be one of the only Veterinary Practices in Worcester offering Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Spays.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to keep our pets happy and healthy; however many pet owners worry that surgical procedures such as neutering will cause their pet pain and discomfort. Here at Brentknoll Vets we are proud to now offer Laparoscopic Spaying for bitches, a revolutionary procedure that reduces post-op pain and limits possible complications.

laparoscopic spay, keyhole, brentknoll, vets, worcester, neuteringDid you know that the majority of surgical procedures in human hospitals are carried out by laparoscopic (keyhole) methods? If it's good enough for us we felt our animal companions should get the same high quality treatment. Veterinary medicine has typically been a little 'behind the times' compared to human medicine, but here at Brentknoll Vets we strive to offer advanced techniques and the the very best for our patients.

keyhole, spay, laparoscopic, brentknoll vets, worcesterLaparoscopy is a revolutionary technique with clear advantages to traditional surgery methods, which are often more invasive, painful and traumatic.




brentknoll, vets, worcester, post op, keyhole, laparoscopic, neutering, spayLaparoscopy when used for routine neutering of bitches, is highly advantageous compared to traditional surgical methods. Our patients who have already undergone the procedure using the laparoscopic method have made significantly quicker recoveries to those using the traditional method:

 Why Choose Laparoscopic spaying over traditional methods?

  • post op, spay, keyhole, laparoscopic, brentknoll, vets, worcesterThey've experienced a huge reduction in pain post op.
  • Demonstrated significantly less trauma to the skin and little to no bruising.
  • A shorter 'rest' period after surgery and faster return to normal activity.


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Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Spays, Brentknoll Vets, Worcester

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