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Bugs Bunny may have fooled us all into believing that Rabbits only eat carrots but in real life they require a much more varied diet.

Like horses, sheep and cows, rabbits are natural grazers and in the wild they spend much of the day munching on grass.  The constant nibbling on grass or hay keeps the rabbit busy and it's also great for their teeth. Wild rabbits would supplement their diet with dark green leafy weeds and small amounts of fruit and vegetables so it's a good idea to do the same with your pet Rabbits.

You should avoid giving your rabbit lettuce, instead stick to dark leafy weeds like dandelions.

If you feed your rabbit a commercial diet, be careful to choose one which is as high in fibre as possible. Commercial food should only be 10% of your rabbits daily intake, the rest should be consisted of hay, grass or greens. Always keep an eye on your Rabbits weight to prevent them becoming overweight, which can lead to health problems.

If you notice that your rabbit's  bottom appears dirty or they develop loose stools, we recommend speaking to a vet immediately. Dirty bottoms are a big problem for rabbits and can lead to problems like flystrike. Loose stools can sometimes be eased by reducing how much fruit, vegetables and grass they are eating, try replacing these with hay.  It is very important to always make sure your rabbit has access to plenty of clean, fresh water.

Our Vet Nurses are always happy to offer advice on feeding your Rabbit so contact the Brentknoll Vets team today on 01905 355938 for more information.

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