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Grooming your rabbit is an important part of bunny ownership; it helps to keep their coat clean and free from tangles, and it helps your bunny get used to being handled whilst allowing you to give him/her regular checks for changes in their bodies and potential health problems.

Rabbits are generally clean animals and regularly groom themselves, but we still recommend that short haired rabbits are brushed twice weekly and long haired breed daily. We wouldn't recommend bathing your Rabbit but muddy feet and heavily soiled spots can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Tips for bunny grooming

  • Place them on a towel on your lap, table or work surface.  It is not recommended to leave your bunny unattended on a high surface that they may jump off.  Feel your rabbit from head to toe and check for any changes including broken/damaged nails and teeth or a dirty bottom, which can lead to flystrike.
  • Get your bunny used to being handled and brushed from an early age, most rabbits actually enjoy being brushed and those that don’t will usually get used to it. Use a soft or medium bristle brush to brush in the direction that the hair grows (remember rabbits’ skin is delicate so to be gentle.)
  • Regular checks will help you to notice any signs of fleas, speak to our vets if you notice any signs of fleas on your rabbit. Fleas are very uncomfortable for your bunny and they can also cause anaemia.
  • If your rabbit's nails become overgrown they may need to be trimmed, if you feel confident you can do this at home with nail clippers (be careful to avoid the ‘quick’ inside the nail,) alternatively call us and our nurses will be happy to help.
  • Rabbit's teeth grow continually throughout their lives so it’s important that they have plenty of things to chew to wear them down. If your rabbit’s teeth become overgrown or uneven they may struggle to eat properly, therefore it’s important to regularly check their teeth and notify the vet if you have any concerns.

The Brentknoll Nurses run regular clinics and are happy to assist with nail trims and Flystrike protection

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