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Protect your Rabbit today!

Rabbits are highly at risk of  contracting one of two possibly fatal infectious diseases: myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) but don’t panic, the good news is that there are vaccinations to protect your rabbit against both diseases.

When do I vaccinate my Rabbit?

At Brentknoll Vets we recommend Rabbits are vaccinated from 8 weeks of age, once vaccinated your rabbit is usually protected after about 3 weeks.

Immunity to these diseases does not last forever and will gradually decrease, which could leave your rabbit at risk so we recommend annual booster vaccinations to protect against both diseases.

What is Myxomatosis?

Often called Myxo, it is caused by a type of pox virus that grows best in the skin of rabbits. Originating from France the disease had been used to control the rabbit population before it was accidentally introduced to the UK.

Myxomatosis is spread by blood sucking insects like fleas and mosquitoes, it is not thought to be easily spread by contact between rabbits.

Affected rabbits develop a high fever, swelling around the eyes and go off their food and water, often the result is fatal and death is caused by pneumonia.

What is Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD)?

Caused by a virus, the disease only affects adult rabbits and hares. It was first identified in wild rabbits in China in 1984 and rapidly spread to Europe and the United Kingdom where it affects wild and domestic rabbits.

The disease can be passed from one rabbit to another via saliva and nasal secretions, either directly between rabbits or via humans on our clothing or hands.

Typically only rabbits over 6 weeks of age are affected seriously by VHD and sadly they often die very suddenly.

Vaccinating your pet rabbit is an easy way to protect them against these fatal diseases, call Brentknoll Vets today on 01905 355938 to arrange an appointment.

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