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October the 7th is National Pet Obesity day with our cousins over in the U.S.A. People often associate obesity problems with the States, but we here in the UK aren't far behind, and that goes for our pets too!

Research from the Pet food manufacturers association (PFMA) shows that despite pet obesity being a potentially life-limiting condition, it seems that many pet owners are unaware of the gravity of the issue, in fact 63% of owners felt there were more important problems facing their pets. It seems awareness could be the key to tackling the growing problem, as only one in three pet owners know how to check their pet’s weight, only 9% carry out regular weight checks and worryingly almost a third of pet owners never check their pet’s weight.

We are a nation of pet lovers, but as a result we are slowly killing them with kindness....

In the UK pets are very much a part of the family and in many cases animal behaviourists believe owners are over-humanising their pets, with one in three admitting to feeding ‘human’ food treats to their pets. Nearly half give treats more than twice a day and around a quarter give their pets table leftovers.

Because of our need to feed and belief that food is affection we are unknowingly endangering our pets. Many 'human' foods are toxic to animals and carrying extra weight puts strain on the body and organs. Some of the main weight associated health problems are:


It is important to provide your pet with a balanced diet and to ensure you have the balance right, we suggest a ready made pet food, which come in ‘complete’ and ‘complementary' forms. Complete diets meet all the nutritional needs and does not require additional extras. Complementary pet food should form only part of a pet’s diet – if fed alone it will not meet your pet's nutritional requirements.

Did you know that what seems like a small treat to us could mean you are overfeeding by this much?

Senior Pet Wellness MonthAt Brentknoll Veterinary Centre we want to help pet owners make informed choices about pet food selection and help you take care of your pets. That's why we offer FREE Nurse weight checks in our Weight Watchers Clinics. Our Veterinary Nurses are here to help, they have knowledge of many pet foods on the market and can teach you the skills to either reduce your pet's weight or to maintain a healthy one.

So call us today to arrange an appointment with the Vet Nurse on 01905 355938 don't be the third of pet owners to never check your pet's weight!



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