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It's been six years since we first launched our Pet Health Plan and things were beginning to look a little tired... So we've given it a face lift and our NEW Healthy Pet Club is NOW HERE*

After six years of speaking to clients about the previous plan, we realised that pet owners want more choice when it comes to their pet's care. Your feedback was that what suits one owner doesn't necessarily tick all the boxes for another, so we've created a tiered system that allows you to decide what level of cover your pet needs.


Introducing our new Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels!


Some owners told us that whilst they were worried about fleas and worms in the Summer months, during the Winter their pets didn't go outdoors; So we've created a lower level plan offering 8 months of non-prescription parasite treatment. (We must advise that manufacturers guidelines recommend monthly treatment to prevent infestation)

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Our most comparable level to the previous plan. Covering all the essentials such as annual boosters, monthly flea treatment and quarterly worming; This plan offers our recommended parasite prevention and our premium, prescription strength products. This plan offers additional benefits including discounts on dental and in house toys and accessories.

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Our recommended level of cover for pet owners wishing to spread the cost of their pet health care, save money and provide their pet with everything they need to be happy and healthy. Everything from the lower levels is included plus a FREE vet consultation helping you with non routine costs as well as the routine necessities like unlimited nail trims and anal gland emptying (anal glands for dogs only). Active dogs will love the 10% off hydrotherapy and travelling dogs the 20% off Kennel cough vaccines.

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For the pet owner that wants only the best for their pet. This is a fully inclusive level of cover offering not only preventative treatment but help for accident, illness and injury. This top level of cover provides premium prescription parasite products (that's a tongue twister) in any combination you require. Offers you VIP access to our CT scanner, a FREE hydrotherapy session, FREE insurance admin fees, FREE Kennel cough, FREE vet consultation and unlimited routine services like nail trims, microchip check and anal glands AND MORE...

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All of these plans offer benefits to your pet for less than a night out on the town and they fit in to your lifestyle without any fuss! Simply complete a quick form with us in reception or call Denplan on 0800 169 9958 to join today


Brentknoll's Healthy Pet Club is all new and all improved to help your pet's stay happy and healthy


* Existing member's will automatically be assigned to the Silver plan unless we are notified by the 1st of October and should have received information prior to the change over.


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