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It's a brand new year and what better time to turn over a new leaf with your Pets

Many of us get lazy with routine health care as our lives get busier and the daily grind wears us down, so now is the time to take action and get back on track.

The 'Weight' of the matter

After the mountain of Turkey is finished and the leftover mince pies have all been eaten, many of us are left feeling the pinch in our trousers and find ourselves turning to the nearest slimming world group to shift the extra Lbs.

Our 4 legged family members often fall victim to the Christmas weight gain as we don't realise how much food we are giving them.

On top of their usual food, we tend to give them bits of cheese and other Christmas treats, 1 oz of cheese is the equivalent to them eating 1 1/2 burgers (on top of their usual meal), It's easy to see how the extra weight can creep on.

Obesity is often the cause for these common health problems;

  • Diabetes,
  • Heart disease,
  • Arthritis.

As well as;

  • Greater risks from anaesthetic and surgical complications,
  • Heat and/or exercise intolerance,
  • Cardio-respiratory disorders,
  • Hormone problems,
  • Skin disease,
  • Cancer,
  • and early death.

So if you're heading to the gym this January, take a good look at your pet and be kind to them by giving them the opportunity to be the happy and healthy in 2017 too.

Is my Pet Overweight?

The following charts are a guide to help you understand what is 'ideal' for your Cat and Dog, we'd always advise you speak to one of our Vets or Vet Nurses for accurate advice on your pet's body condition.



If your Pet falls in the Overweight or Obese categories then it's time to take action today!

Call us on 01905 355938 to arrange a FREE appointment with our Veterinary Nurses. Our Weight Watchers clinics are the perfect way to learn what your pet should be eating and how much they need as well as giving them a full health assessment to highlight any potential health problems.

Call Brentknoll Vets today to arrange your pets FREE Weight Watchers Appointment 01905 355938


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