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If you don't want your pet to 'feel the love tonight' it's a good idea to get them neutered!

Valentines day is upon us and romance is in the air, which is great if you're planning on a litter or puppies or kittens, but it can come as quite a shock if you aren't planning on it.

The RSPCA estimates that 85 percent of cat litters are unplanned and The Dogs Trust estimate there are 110,000 unwanted dogs in the UK.

One way to ensure that your Pet doesn't become part of these scary statistics is to be a responsible pet owner and have your pet neutered.

What is Neutering?

Females are spayed, which involves removing the womb and ovaries via a incision along their stomach. Males are castrated, which is less invasive than spaying a female as only the testicles are removed (which are already on the outside.)

The Myths Answered

MYTH: It's better to let females have one litter before being spayed.
TRUTH: Evidence shows females spayed before their first season/heat are generally healthier. Rescue shelters are now working with with Vets to neuter puppies and kittens from as young as eight weeks of age. Our vets usually recommend 6 months of age (however some can be earlier at the vets discretion.)

MYTH: Males will be emasculated if they have no testicles.
TRUTH: Neutering will not change a pet's basic personality. Animals are not aware of sexual identity, nor do they experience emotional reactions in the same way as us humans do. So it's impossible for them to have an identity crisis once neutered.

MYTH: My pet will get fat and lazy.
TRUTH: When an animal is neutered, their body isn't using energy from food in the same way as it was before, they no longer use energy to 'power' the reproductive system. Owners tend to feed them the same food however and this can result in a weight gain, which is easily resolved with exercise and the correct diet.

MYTH: My pet is so special, I want a puppy/kitten just like him/her.
TRUTH: It's unlikely that your pet's offspring will be just like them, even champion breeders cannot guarantee what the litter will be like.

Image result for dog testiclesI Need More Advice

We offer FREE nurse clinics to discuss neutering your pet, this is a great option for pet owners who are still unsure about the process or when the time is right.
Simply call us on 01905 355938 to arrange your appointment today!

Give your pet a longer, healthier life by having them neutered at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre, Worcester

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