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Sometimes a cat comes along that just steals your heart and Gibbs is certainly one of those cats. So when we heard that he'd been shot, we couldn't believe our ears.

Gibbs' owners returned home from work to find their beloved puss bleeding on the door step. Upon closer inspection, they realised the blood was coming from his left eye.

His owners rushed him straight up to the practice, where vet Sarah Carroll examined his injury. She found severe damage to his lens and could see a foreign material protruding through his cornea. This wasn't great news for Gibbs and her concern immediately turned to trying to safe his eye.

jeremy wills, opthamologist, brentknoll vets, worcesterVisiting Ophthalmology specialist, Jeremy Wills was called in for an emergency consultation. After a thorough inspection from Jeremy,
he concluded that Gibbs' eye was sadly too severely damaged and there was no way to safe it. Gibbs was admitted into the hospital for overnight pain relief and fluids were administered via a drip. The night time staff from Vets Now were amazed by how at ease Gibbs appeared and he still purred for a fuss.

cast, gun, brentknoll, vets, worcester, surgeryThe following morning, Jeremy began surgery to remove the badly damaged eye. During surgery the theatre team were shocked to find that lodged behind Gibbs' eye was a air gun pellet, the pellet had completely destroyed his eye. After successfully removing the pellet and the areas it had damaged, Jeremy closed the wound.

Cat, nurse, surgery, brentknoll, vets, worcester
Gibbs was wide away after surgery, and we couldn't believe how bright he was post surgery. He purred and rolled around in his kennel, enjoying plenty of fuss from the kennel nurses.

It's horrible to think that there are some people out there who could hurt a gorgeous animal like Gibbs. Thank fully this is one lucky cat who has used up one of this lives and will be back to his usual self in no time.


Gibbs loses 1 of his 9 lives but his eye is saved by Brentknoll Vets

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