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Brentknoll Veterinary Centre is now officially Worcester's first accredited Small Animal Hospital

Choosing a veterinary practice can be a minefield, there are now more practices in Worcester than ever and each has something different to offer. Here at Brentknoll our ethos has always been a healthy pet is a happy pet, we strive for animals to be fit and healthy in order to live a happy life at home with their families.

In order to keep animals healthy, it's important they have access to;

  • Experienced Vets and Nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose and treat themBrentknoll-staff-Jack-Vets-300x169.jpg
  • Specialised facilities and equipment on site ready for then they need them


Over the years the practice has worked hard at building a positive reputation within the city and we regularly obtain customer feedback, to ensure our standards meet the high expectations of our clients. In fact 42%* of our clients reported that they came to us based on a recommendation from a friend and 90%* said that they would definitely recommend us to their friends.

Over the past year we have been working towards improving our standards further, by participating in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon's (RCVS) Practice Standard Scheme. 

What Does That Mean?

"The Practice Standards Scheme (PSS) is a voluntary initiative to accredit veterinary practices in the UK. Through setting standards and carrying out regular assessments, the Scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care."

By choosing to participate in the scheme, we have opened our doors to the RCVS assessors who have vigorously checked our standard operating procedures, facilities and spoken to staff, to ensure we meet their strict criteria.

At the end of 2017 we were very pleased to hear that we had successfully met their high standards and have been awarded the Small Animal Hospital accreditation.

Which is great news for our clients and their pets!

Striving for Excellence

Over the next few years the team at Brentknoll will be working together to improve things further for our clients, by working towards the additional awards available.

To achieve these awards, we will need to prove that we excel in specific skills and services including Team & professional responsibility, Client service, Patient consultation service, Inpatient service, Diagnostic Service and Emergency & critical care.

Thus, highlighting that the practice is performing at an excellent level in the awarded areas.

*Figures taken from customer feedback survey, correct December 2017

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