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How to hold a guinea pig safely and securely ...

If you have ever tried to catch a cute little guinea pig, you will know how wriggly and squirmy they can be.  The average guinea pig weighs in at around two to four pounds but they have very delicate bones and they can run around at a really fast pace.  Learning how to catch and pick these small creatures up and hold them is very important for their sense of security and safety and it is especially important to teach young children how to do this properly.

If a guinea pig is not picked up and handled in the correct way, they can easily get hurt, so when picking up a guinea pig, it is important to have a firm but gentle grip.  To pick up a guinea pig correctly, you need to place one hand under his/her middle and then support his/her hind legs with the other hand.  This will make the guinea pig feel safe and secure.  Always hold the guinea pig with two hands and make sure that the legs are not left dangling as these could easily get caught on something.

If you are going to walk with your guinea pig, place him/her against your body and make sure you do not make any sudden movements.  Most guinea pigs enjoy snuggling in as they are very social animals.

If you want to enjoy some quality time with your guinea pig, find a nice, quiet place and sit with your guinea pig on your lap.  It is likely that he/she will climb up and sit on your shoulder, especially if they are fed treats like bits of apple.

Happy cuddles!

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