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Patch is a 6 year old cocker spaniel who has always been rather lazy. When he first came to Brentknoll at the beginning of his weight loss journey, he weighed over 21kg, several Kilos heavier than his recommended weight; this was a result of his high fat and high calorie diet. He also enjoyed a Pedigree Dentastick each evening before bed, those extra calories were taking their tole and his owners decided to make a change.

patch before hydrotherapy weight loss brentknoll vets worcesterPatch’s owners had been recommended hydrotherapy at Brentknoll and booked him in with Sharon to help him exercise and lose the unwanted Lbs.

patch hydrotherapy brentknoll vets worcesterPatch was a little nervous upon his first visit and so he was fitted with a special doggy lifejacket to keep himself afloat to allow him to relax. After a short while he loved it! Spending 20 minutes swimming (although he didn’t want to get out and would have swam longer)

He was given a nice hot shower using specialist doggy shampoo to remove the chlorine and even had blow dry afterwards.


He is now loving his weekly hydrotherapy sessions withSharon, he has found his rhythm of few laps of the heated pool with a short rest in between. He now swims without a lifejacket and needs no encouragement, he is like a duck to water!

His owners also changed his diet and began a more active lifestyle at home (which he loves) enjoying daily 20 minute walks. They have even cut out the dental sticks and have switched to a more healthy treat of carrots (trust us the dogs love it.)

patch after weight loss brentknoll vets worcesterIn June 2015 Patch weighed in at 18.4kg and the nurses are happy that this is a healthy weight for him to maintain. His achievements are amazing and the whole family have been totally committed to his weight management.

The Stats:
chest: 66cm, a loss of 4cm.
waist: 51.5cm, a loss of 8.5cm.

Total cms lost = 12.5cm!

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